Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Contact Improvisation

Basic Course in Oostende July 3/4/5 

Contact Improvisation at the North Sea
A Workshop for beginners with or without experience in Contact Improvisation. You will learn basic techniques of sharing weight and counter balance. On saturday evening we will experience these principles at the beach and see the difference on an unstable underground, having the wind and perhaps people watching. 

Advanced Course in Brussels July 10/11/12   
Easy lifting - How to become light?
A workshop for experienced contact dancers who want to go further on. How to carry your own weight? How to be light for the partner? 

Hours:  Fri: 19h30-22h  Sat: 10-15h and 20-22h in Oostende, 10-17h in Brussels  Sun: 10-15h
Location in Brussels : Le chien perdu - Fierlantstraat 99, Forest        Price : 120€/95€ reduced